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About Aliexpress

The online shopping site is based in China that is owned by the Alibaba Group. If you are a buyer, you can purchase from Aliexpress online shopping. If you are a seller you can open a store at Aliexpress store. Read on and you will learn more about Aliexpress company.

Which Brands and Sectors Are There in Aliexpress? brands - There are millions of brands on, maybe more. sectors - You can find any sector on Aliexpress. Any sector that you can think of.

How to Buy on Aliexpress?

How to buy things on Aliexpress? You can check out the best selling products on Aliexpress’s website. Aliexpress shopping includes clothing, accessories, and electronics that usually the best selling items.
How can I buy products from You need to register to make a purchase. With so many products manufactured in China, the choice of products is almost endless. As you’d expect on a B2C platform, consumer products make up the bulk of the items in Aliexpress online shopping.

How to Sell on Aliexpress?

How to sell things on Aliexpress? Sellers on Aliexpress are all located in China and there is very limited information available about stores and how they were verified.

How can I sell products from If you are not located in China, you can’t be a seller in Aliexpress.

One thing to mention, Aliexpress shopping is a platform for buyer beware. There is a store rating system where the buyer review the store for other customers.

Aliexpress Payment methods

Aliexpress payment options are debit/credit cards, PayPal, Mercado Paco, Western Union, bank transfer, and other local online payment methods.

Is Aliexpress Trustworthy?

Yes. Is Aliexpress trustworthy? Aliexpress urges its customers to only make payments to sellers through their platform so they can offer a degree of customer protection. And customers apply for a refund as well.

Aliexpress Reviews and Complaints

Aliexpress is an active client feedback collector, so you could note that Aliexpress customer reviews are generally favorable, actually higher than you could anticipate however such a business involving humongous amounts of products and funds need refreshed and up-to-date feedback - all the more reason why you should frequently visit for the latest on Aliexpress complaints and Aliexpress reviews.

How Can I Become a Member of Aliexpress?

It is very easy to have an Aliexpress customer account. You can click on the given sign up link here on and follow the steps to create an account easily and in the fastest way. With the link will you will be direct Aliexpress website, there on please kindly follow the instructions.

What are the Aliexpress membership stages? There are only two types of membership accounts in Aliexperess— a buyer or a seller. From there on you should expect almost identical sign up processes to those where providers and buyers meet on the same platform.

Aliexpress Customer Service

How to contact Aliexpress customer service?, Is it possible to contact Aliexpress support?

Aliexpress has a very detailed help and customer support page. For your other question or purchase problems, you can contact the support team. How to contact Aliexpress customer service? Aliexpress provides support via phone and live chat 24/7. Is it possible to contact Aliexpress support? Yes, it is, you can contact them through live chat which is the easiest way to reach the team.

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