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Used Cheap Materials!

Used cheap materials ext roof leaked all round ext windows didn't honour contract to repair ...dangerous work ..a bully intimidated me ...owes me 4000 pounds for a bbq he never built worse than any cowboy ...all rendering started falling off 2 months after completion ...welcome to see the mess he has made before u employ him ....knows nothing about building ...has cost me thousands still trying 2 get it done ...over charged original price by65000 please do not employ this fraud.


The construction team is organized and reliable its great working with them and it would be a pleasure working with them again! Thanks!

scam casino !!!

This shit of casino must be closed by someone powerfull !! They took from me 15000€ .. in this casino a pay out don’t exist !! All is controled by them !!! It is the worst casino in the world !!! Run as much u can from Novibet … There other honest casino with good RNG and you will see some winnings not all the time each deposit lose lose lose in seconds !!!

Outstanding craftsmanship

Outstanding craftsmanship, timely completion. Totally trustworthy. What a blessing to find Simvik ltd and their crew!

EXX is another scam out there

I believe all scam companies and websites have one aim and that is to swindle and rip you off your funds, if you've ever been a victim of any of these like i was , I assure you that r.stall****@*** got you covered apparently.

I am pleased to recommend Simvik Ltd

I am pleased to recommend Simvik Ltd for any of your clients' construction needs as they provide exceptional service and build quality for customers.

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