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Good customer support

Good bookmaker. I use 1xbet mainly because the customer support is good. When I have to use the chat window, they always arrange things and they are polite. Thank you for all this.

this game is a scam

my name is joseph. im 59 years old. i have been playing bingo blitz your years. now i play only some times. i tryed the paying one and the free one. i dont know what happen. did it get new owners. becuse ,as time went by. the fun went a way. you dont win any more. pay or free. all the game does is, distract you from losing the game all the time with cheesy puzzles to make it seem your geting something. which makes you spend more money to win. my heart is out to the senior citizens that cant get around.i work with senior citizens. now when i play. not tomay people play this game any more.

PayFast is working with scammers

PayFast is working together with scammers who are using their payment gateway services, by to creating fake products and services online and using PayFast payment to process the fake products and services. I have been a victim. I raised this issue to PayFast since over a month, no solution was provided, no update on the ticket no raised after multiple emails. No refund either and the site still using PayFast. I have email confirmation and screenshots of this which I will be willing to share. Infact, will be willing to cooperate with any relevant authorities that wants to investigate them.

5 stars

Everything is top of the line. I've recommended you guys to four people already. I'm a very satisfied customer, thank you

Best site

best site ever

Best site

I have been playing casino for 14 years and Bozdur gitsin is the best betting site I have ever played on compared to any other sites. They are very quick with payouts and they love to support their customers with bonuses. Their customer service team is fantastic and very caring. It’s a great platform to play on.

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