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Highly ethical company
100% TRUSTWORTHY unlike Binance who didn't let me close my account. I have made over 100...
1 month ago
Not honest
They seem to be cutting back on offers since the leagues are off. Bravo!
2 months ago
I root for Binance
Whatever people say Binance is still the best site/platform to trade and invest with.
1 month ago
At first it was hard to figure out how it all worked I had to call the support, they were very...
1 month ago
Netflix can do a lot better
I accept there is a huge selection of TV shows. The price is fairly low compared to other...
1 month ago
Be wary of expedia when cancelling
I cancelled my trip amid corona outbreak but the charged me 5 days anyway because Expedia did...
1 month ago
I think it is too pricey
I signed up for a free trial period but I'll cancel when it ends because £10 monthly is too much.
1 month ago
Not good enough promised free transport from the airport to the hotel, which we did not get. We had...
1 month ago
It is okay
As for today I only use the card. For money transfer I use others.
1 month ago
The payment system I use the most
My most used payment system is transferwise. both the commission rates are not very high and I...
1 month ago