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About SimVik

Our accommodations provide very distinct and even hybrid functions - from a single bedroom apartment in the downtown to a large family house with a garage in the suburbs inherited from parents, buildings need to be, well, built or renovated to be rehabilitated to their former or modern functions. It is a whole another mountain of expertise in this regard, even with a multitude of specialties overlapping each other and that could outright outpace your own skills so you would need experts on your cozy project to come out as it is supposed to be. That’s all to cover about SimVik company as they cover everything about building your place from scratch or operate on it to change its “arteries” with new ones. Their website at could not be considered some SimVik store though as the services they offer are not very convenient for a SimVik online shopping site to exist to be honest.

How to buy on SimVik

As aforementioned, there is no SimVik online shopping to speak of - you would have to call and meet the guys at SimVik to decide on the contract of your project and shape it up accordingly.

SimVik Payment Methods

The contract you would become parties of with SimVik would include all details of the work to be completed along with the details of transactions between parties, i.e SimVik payment options you would be made available.

Is SimVik Trustworthy?

Is SimVik reliable? SimVik is run by SIM VIK Ltd. located at the address Unit L, Radford Business Centre, Radford Way, Billericay, Essex and provide all other contact details right from the homepage.

SimVik Reviews and Complaints

For UK residents, SimVik has been garnering quite some favorable attention as you could scour the web and come across with SimVik customer reviews, not only on but also others as well. Praised for their pre- and aftersales approach, SimVik reviews tend to grow stronger. So if you ever happen to commission SimVik for your project around East London and Essex please take your time to evaluate the service you receive and share with us here at - the next best thing after fully refundable unconditional returns.

How Can I Become a Member of SimVik?

What are the SimVik membership stages? The website is a kiosk of information rather than an e-commerce website and therefore no membership database is required, hence absence of such services.

SimVik Customer Service

How to contact SimVik customer service? SimVik staff is available over the phone directly from UK. Under the telephone number you will also notice the physical address of the company and an e-mail address you could use to give them a buzz about your inquiries.

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