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About Medstar Clinic

It is a well-known fact that the Health Service in the United Kingdom has terrific gaps. Not only because of insufficient resources, but also because of possible appointments they are postponing for three months later. It is almost impossible to consult a doctor in the NHS unless the patient has an emergency. However, when it comes to health, time counts in most cases. Especially blood tests, hormonal examinations, and screenings like mammography can save thousands of lives before it is too late. Therefore, is it wise to rely on such an undependable institution? Our lives are one and only. Why leave it to sail in the untrustworthy hands? At this point, one of the best health services is provided by private facilities, just like Medstar Clinic.

What is Medstar Clinic?

Medstar Clinic is a well-equipped clinic serving a spectacular spot for those fed up with the shifty and unreliable health system in the UK. The founder of Medstar Clinic is a group of latitudinarian doctors who are aware of the defaults in the current system and believe they can substitute health services for people in need. Considering the high dominance of Turkish doctors, Medstar Clinic's home country is Turkey and the Turkish Health System, which is accepted as conventional, comprehensive, and pretty successful compared to many European countries.
The remarkable doctor of the facility, Dr. Turhan Comez, and his team prepare online videos to introduce Medstar Clinic services and enlighten viewers about the cutting-edge technologies inside. Among these significant videos, they share Medstar customer experiences firsthand. In this Medstar review, we will take a closer look at this game-changer establishment and its clinical services.

What are Medstar Clinic Services?

What Type of Services does Medstar Provide?

You will find a caring, friendly, and highly experienced team here. All the staff consists of well-trained doctors believing that successful treatment only works when the patient-doctor relationship is mutually open. Other than this, the Medstar clinical practices are based on sincerity and high patient confidentiality. Thus, Medstar Clinic takes pride in having one of the kindest, polite, and most welcoming specialists in its structure. Although the facility is highly known for Medstar Clinic circumcision surgeries, there is a myriad of comprehensive procedures and screenings here. We have listed some of Medstar Clinic medical procedures below:

  • Aesthetic Gynaecology Treatments
  • Blood Tests
  • Cardiology Clinic
  • Children's Health Clinic
  • Clinic At Home
  • Dermatology Clinic
  • Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Clinic
  • Echocardiogram Clinic
  • Family Planning Clinic
  • General Medicine Clinic
  • General Surgery Clinic
  • General Ultrasound
  • Hair Transplant Clinic
  • Headache Clinic
  • Lumps & Bumps Clinic
  • Medical Aesthetic Clinic
  • Men's Health & Urology Clinic
  • Microsuction (Ears) Clinic
  • Musculoskeletal, Pain & Rheumatology Clinic
  • Neurology Clinic
  • Nutrition & Slimming Clinic
  • Online Consultation
  • Ophthalmology (Eye) Clinic
  • Orthopaedic & Sports Injuries Clinic
  • Pain Clinic
  • Physiotherapy Clinic
  • Podiatry Clinic
  • Pregnancy Ultrasound
  • Psychiatry Clinic
  • Psychotherapy Clinic

How to Get an Appointment from Medstar?

One of the best specifications of Medstar Clinic is its availability 24/7/365. Despite strict regulations in the health system of the United Kingdom. It is pretty how to access Medstar Clinic services. All you need is to request an appointment through the Medstar Clinic Online page. Furthermore, thanks to the patient-friendly approach, it is also possible to make an appointment with Medstar by calling. Medstar Clinic is near you whenever you need it, no matter what time.

Medstar Reviews and Complaints

Is Medstar Clinic Trustworthy? The facility has doctors who are masters of their domain and dedicated health personnel to provide the full Medstar Clinic service quality. When it comes to one of the most intense and traditional treatments a doctor can perform, the circumcision section is mainly demanded by many families. It carries out a significant number of Medstar Clinic doctor reviews. A remarkable general practitioner, Dr. Turhan Comez is praised for his kindness and professionalism. Other than this, on the main page, through the Patient Information, you can fill your Medstar Clinic Reviews to help other patients and improve the facility.

Medstar Clinic Locations

Medstar Clinic Center is located in the beautiful city of London. Thus, Medstar Service points are limited within this city. However, suppose you can not reach the hospital for any reason. In that case, there is a mobile doctor service in which a well-equipped vehicle comes to your door with a specialist and screening devices to diagnose your issue and treat you as soon as possible. Thanks to the various reliable medical services, the clinic gathers multiple patients from other cities in the United Kingdom. Therefore, if you reside outside London, feel free to call and consult online from Medstar Clinic.

Medstar Clinic Contact Information

Medstar Clinic on Social Media

The facility is user-friendly, and you can feel this approach in patient relationships. It hosts a unique YouTube channel where Dr. Turhan Comez and other specialists have helpful and comprehensible interviews for those who want to follow Medstar Clinic and its services. In this channel, you can find answers to the most anticipated questions about cardiology, gynecology, circumcision, aesthetical surgeries, and many more.

Medstar Clinic Call Center

Medstar Clinic telephone number, which is +44 0203 355 0505, can be reached from all United Kingdom.
Medstar Customer Service is available online and through the email address
Medstar Clinic Address: Holly Park Road, Barnet N11 3HB / London

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