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About Testbook

Testbook is an educational technology company operating in India. Testbook Company was founded in 2014 by Ashutosh Kumar, Narendra Agrawal, Praveen Agrawal and Manoj Munna. Testbook is now India’s number 1 exam preparation site. Testbook online shopping includes free and paid services for exam preparation. Testbook store also has an application for Android and IOS which makes online education even more flexible and fun. It is possible to purchase live coaching from the e-commerce site as well as to take free exams to refresh your memories. If you have an important exam coming up and want to make sure you are ready for it, study with Testbook so you can get the best services for incredible prices.

Which Brands and Sectors Are There in Testbook?

Testbook is not a retail company so you can not find Testbook.com brands on the website. Testbook offers the necessary services for exam preparation and self-learning. Testbook.com sector is the leader of its industry with its amazing prices and success rate of its students.

How to Buy things on Testbook?

How can I buy products from Testbook? Testbook online shopping lets you buy services regarding online exam preparation. There are many exams covered such as banking exams, defence exams, police exams, teaching exams and railway exams. You can choose to purchase live classes, personal coaching and practises from Testbook shopping easily. Go to testbook.com and register. Then find the exam you are going to take and the services you would like to purchase. You can get the services for great prices if there is an ongoing discount. You can use free trials for courses or purchase the Testbook Pass that includes most of the content available on the website.

What are Testbook Payment Methods?

Testbook payment options are debit cards, ATM cards, credit cards, Netbanking accounts and payment wallets like Paytm. Check out the website to learn more about payment options.

Is Testbook Trustworthy?

Testbook is trustworthy. For the time being, Testbook is trusted by more than 1.7 million students from all over India. The teachers and coaches of Testbook that prepares the content and does the live sessions are highly skilled teachers that are the best in their field. It is possible to find a great amount of content for small prices and you can always seek help from the customer care.

Testbook Customer Reviews and Complaints

You can frequently visit Kazan.io for the latest Testbook customer reviews and Testbook complaints.

How Can I Become a Member of Testbook?

What are Testbook membership stages? Becoming a member of Testbook is easy and can be done in seconds. Go to testbook.com or download the application and click on ''Sign Up''. It is free to become a member of the Testbook community. Then to reach most of the content, you can purchase Testbook Pass for ₹99 for 7 days, for ₹149 for 30 days or for ₹299 for an entire year. It is also possible to purchase individual packages that come with specific needs for each exam.

How Do I Contact Testbook Customer Service?

Is it possible to contact Testbook customer support? In order to contact Testbook customer service you can call 1800 833 0800 from 10am to 7pm every day, send an email to [email protected] or send a letter to 1st & 2nd Floor, Zion Building, Plot No. 273, Sector 10, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai – 410210.

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