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About 3B Training

3B Training has grown from a five-person office in 2011 to a nationwide corporation with offices and training centres all across the United Kingdom. It is a training site with so many advantages. Its aim is to deliver high-quality, low-cost training courses around the country so that more individuals are properly trained and can work safely. 3B Training experts can help you find and organize training. In addition, 3B Training provides a variety of online, classroom, eLearning, and NVQ courses. 3B Training has expanded dramatically since its inception. Let's give you a piece of further information about 3B Training company. You can also read 3B Training customer reviews, 3B Training customer experiences, and 3B Training customer complaints on that page.

Is 3B Training Paid?

Becoming a 3B Training member does not require any payment. You can freely become a member of 3B Training. However, you can not get benefits from courses freely. All 3B Training courses are paid. Prices for courses are fair. You can get lots of training courses at affordable prices.

How to Use 3B Training

First of all, you should register here to get 3B Training courses. You can register for 3B Training with just your email address and a password. After that, you can see the hundreds of training course can be helpful for carrier or education. When you click on one of the 3B Training learning courses, you can see all the details of it. If you are eager to get one, you should click on the "Book Now" and see its date or location info. 3B Training Liverpool, 3B Training Manchester, 3B Training Boston, 3B Training Sheffield training centres are ready to give lessons to enthusiasts. For example, It runs several courses at the 3B Training Liverpool Office such as First Aid, Health and Safety Awareness, Manual Handling, SSSTS and SMSTS and many more. In addition to the 3B Training public classroom section, It has also offered online training courses. Zoom is used by 3B Training to offer remote training. Delegates will require a computer or laptop with an internet connection, as well as a webcam and microphone, to participate in an online learning course.

What are 3B Training Subjects?

3B Training focuses mainly on health and safety training. As a result, 3B Training subjects/courses are generally related to health and safety. The followings are the examples for training courses offered by 3B Training;

  • 3B Training CITB Accredited Courses (SEATS, SMSTS, SSSTS, etc)
  • 3B Training Construction & Utility Courses 
  • 3B Training First Aid Courses (First aid at work, Mental health first aid, etc)
  • 3B Training Health & Safety Courses
  • 3B Training Plant Training Courses

3B Training Customer Complaints and Reviews

There are almost no 3B Training customer complaints in the database. Customers who take a course from 3B Training before are generally pleased. From the experts to quality, 3B Training reviews are really positive.

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