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Monzo is an online payment company. It was launched in 2015 and now has over 3 million customers in the UK. They have known for being the bank with the best customer satisfaction. The online banking app offers its customers a range of current accounts designed to help customers managing their spendings in many respects.

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About Monzo

What Are the Services Offered by Monzo?

The Monzo app is very easy to use. It is mainly designed to assist with your spending. You can have instant access to your account so you can make money transfers, and online payments easily and top up your savings any time of the day or night.

There is a budget feature which is also called Budget. This feature provides you with a breakdown of your spending and allows you to set spending targets for you to keep within.

There is another feature called Pots. It is to save money on the fly, with the added bonus of earning 1.5% AER interest on top. Get Paid Early is an additional feature. This is our favorite because it is a very useful tool and it is free. This feature allows you to get your salary in your account a day before you would usually be paid. This is very useful for immediate payments or tight days etc.

Which countries are serviced by Monzo?

Basically, Monzo exists in the UK and its services spreading in many countries around the world. But there are some occasional issues in countries like Cuba, Portugal, North and South Korea, and Bulgaria.

How Can I Deposit and Withdraw Money From Monzo?

Monzo has many options to help you to deposit or to withdraw money from your account.

1- Bank Transfer; Bank transfers should arrive in your account instantly, but can sometimes take longer.

2- Deposit or withdraw cash at a PayPoint location.

3- Cheques; Your cheque can take up to 5-7 working days to reach us. Once we’ve received the cheque, it'll take up to a week to be processed.

Is Monzo Trustworthy?

Monzo is safe and trustworthy as it is a regulated bank in the UK, the money you put in your Monzo account is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Also, Monzo said on its website: “More than 4 million people are already using Monzo to manage their money and according to YouGov 90% of customers say they'd recommend Monzo to a friend. Data from the Current Account Switch Service shows that 18 people joined Monzo for everyone that left. And 22,800 people in total switched from their old bank to Monzo”

Monzo Reviews and Complaints

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How Can I Become a Member of Monzo?

It's really easy to be a Member of Monzo. Just download the Monzo app on your iOS or Android, sign up in just a few minutes and you're done.

Then you need to add some information about you to verify your account.

* What are the Monzo membership stages?

Monzo provides two membership stages:

1- Personal stage where you can deal with all of your activities and keep your information and money safe.

2- Business stage: it is a stage for the companies as it provides different services and more wide things than the personal one. In it, you can add a number of team members, manage finances together, and keep track of access.

Is it possible to contact Monzo support?

Monzo has an online help center, where you find lots of useful information. When you have additional queries you can contact 24-hour live chat service. Or you can send an email or call them if you would prefer to talk to someone over the phone.