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Bingo!!! How often do we use this word as an exclamation like "Bull's eye" in a day, right? Actually, this also originates from a legendary game across the contents and has always kept its throne for ages. But how was the very beginning of this legendary game? Its ancestor is Lotto, a game originating from Italy in about the early 16th century. When it transformed to a new version, Tombola, the calling out of numbers, cards, and tokens, was storming through all of Europe. Did you know that the principle of the game was also used for the acquisition of spelling, animal names and multiplication tables for German children?

Later on, in 1778, French game enthusiasts created the closest version of the Bingo games we use today. The cards included nine columns with numbers ranging from 1 through 90 and 27 squares in a layout of three rows. When the calendars show 1933, Hugh J. Ward, the Father of Bingo, published a Bingo rule book about how Bingo is played. Although it was similar to modern bingo games, it was called "Beano". Beano was set with cardboard sheets, rubber stamps, and dried beans.

When toy merchandiser, Edwin Lowe, discovered the extraordinary potential of the game, this attractive entertainment layout was carried to New York. In the 1940s, Bingo was one of the most popular games of luck all around the US.

Unsurprisingly, it is still demanded by a tremendous amount of game lovers. Although many people think the game is mainly played by elders, contrary to popular belief, the Bingo game is in high demand among rising generations. We can count many reasons why this is an all-time favourite game. Initially, the game rules stand on a simple set which makes it understandable for players on a large scale. Moreover, the gamers may win outstanding amounts with low-cost bingo cards.

To clear the clouds about how to play Bingo, we would like to enlighten our readers about game design. A Bingo card has numbers printed in different arrangements on it, whereas we also need a host (caller) drawing. Players mark the selected numbers on the tile until all the tiles on the Bingo card are covered. The rest is familiar to us; the winner calls out "Bingo!" to inform others of the winning card. After verifying the gainer card, the round is entirely completed until a new round of play starts. In Bingo games, the competition is among all players to be the first to hold the winning Bingo card for the prize pool or jackpot.

Hence to the rapid growth of online betting sites globally, many facilities have given space to online Bingo among their game galleries. In this Bingo review, our readers will find the anticipated answers to the frequently asked questions about any aspects of Bingo. Furthermore, those with a valuable habit of cautiously comparing Bingo sites reviews and Bingo sites complaints can find beneficial information about subject websites here, in

What is Online Bingo?

Thanks to the penetration of the Internet into our lives, bingo lovers have hundreds of online bingo websites to choose from and play their favourite games. Online bingo games are mainly classified for the number of balls in the draw. Traditional bingo is generally played with 75 balls. However, there are also other types to play now.

Naturally, the number of balls increases or decreases the chance of winning the round. Therefore, the fewer balls in play, the more likely you get the win. Besides, fewer balls lead to a faster game. You may calculate the duration of a random game according to the balls. For example, if you want a quick game, the 30-Ball variant is for you, whereas others prefer the time-consuming jackpots type or all-time-classic 90-Ball games. The most famous online Bingo Game Types are:

  • Jackpot Variants
  • 75 Ball Bingo
  • 90 Ball Bingo
  • 30 Ball Bingo
  • 80 Ball Bingo

We are talking about thousands of games taking place in hundreds of Bingo Rooms worldwide. But how can we choose one among this colossal ocean of choices, and more important than this; Are online Bingo games legal?

As we constantly emphasize in our articles, playing on a legit and reliable platform is highly important. Yet, how can we be sure whether the platform is a trusted bingo site or not? The answer is a license!

Bingo games are considered gambling products; thus, the operator needs a valid license from a higher regulatory authority to run any kind of online or ''remote'' bingo. Considering that most online casinos host multiple Bingo rooms, their licenses should comprise Bingo games besides slots games and live casino games. Some of the most prestigious Bingo licenses are Pennsylvania Bingo License, UK Bingo Commission license and Maltese one.

Please do your digging well to be certain that you are signing into a fully licensed facility with a PNG (Pseudo-Number-Generator) certificate, which refers to random results in the games. Another specification of a safe Bingo site is the transparency in Terms & Conditions to clear the regulations, account and bonus requirements.

Online Bingo Bonuses

We are all bonus chasers, no matter if the game is Bingo or Poker, and we all check out the Bingo bonus offers before every single detail about the website. OK! This is not the best way to decide on a real money online casino website for newcomers; however, to be frank, we all take the same path. These Bingo welcome bonuses, especially those with no deposit, are pretty attractive for those who want to play without breaking the band.

Most online Bingo websites welcome the players with up to 100% match bonuses, additional Bingo Free Spins, and Free Bingo tickets. At this point, there are two kinds of Bingo game promotions and jackpot games; those exclusive to the subject site and those as part of a more extensive Bingo network. In a broadened network, Bingo games will bring more fantastic jackpot prizes; however, they also host much more players participating in the rounds simultaneously.

The most prevalent Bingo Bonus is Bingo No Deposit Bonus, in which the player does not need to deposit any funds but create an account and verify it successfully. This is an excellent match for those unfamiliar with Bingo games and who want to practice the ground before loading some real money.

* Please note that players can be eligible for these bonuses on the condition that they fulfil predetermined wagering requirements and minimum deposit amounts.

Payment Methods for Bingo Sites

When the subject comes to the payment options for an online betting site, it indicates the platform's functionality, security, and reliability. Therefore, it would not be an inaccurate statement to say that payment methods for Bingo sites may give apparent hints to opening an account. We must always keep in mind only secure establishments cooperate with secure deposit/withdrawal options. This is a valuable shortcut to crosscheck for the subject website. Since having a good deal of payment methods, fiat and cryptocurrencies is a sine qua non for an ultimate gaming experience for those limited in options.

Deposit Methods for Bingo Sites

Thanks to the opportunity of being online, deposit and withdrawal options are multiplied in Bingo and all other online gambling products. Bingo lovers can load their accounts via bank wire transfers, debit/credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, mobile banking and crypto-wallets. These Bingo payment options, accepted currencies and minimum/maximum deposit limits may vary from one facility to another. Moreover, crypto goer players can also fill their balance with trendy cryptocurrencies.

Withdrawal Methods for Bingo Sites

Just like deposit options, withdrawal options for Bingo games are various. However, there is a deviation in the shade; to cash out your winnings from a Bingo site can be challenging compared to a deposit. Initially, we better underline a heavy regulation among all legal online betting sites. Unverified players can NOT be paid in no circumstances. Hence, we always recommend our readers verify their accounts before they load some cash in and start playing.

But hey! No worries! Account verifications are seamless and fast for those who have inserted their personal data into the registration form honestly and cautiously. The administration of the subject website can ask you to send some documents such as your driving license, ID, passport, and utility bills to locate your residential address. According to a myriad of regulatory authorities worldwide, these requisitions are obligations in the online betting market.

* Please note that Bingo sites have different withdrawal limits against money laundering and illegal activities. You can always contact customer support to learn your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual limits.

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