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Reviewed 1 month ago


Our building experience with Simvik was was terrible. We didn't trust a word of what we were told. Cheap materials had been used and the money being pocketed by himself and pretended as if we got the good stuff. The builder never stook to timings and we experienced high levels of aggression towards us when it came to the final stages of the job. We would warn everyone to stay away. It's not worth the hassle using him. Quality of the work is so poor. I had other builders check the work and couldn't believe the poor quality of the finish. One of his workers stole my phone and took it to Romania as well, which I later found out!! Never again with Stefan and his poor team at simvik! He did not complete my extension and abondoned the job at about 85% of the way requiring me to find someone else. Terrible builders!!

The problem has been resolved through Kazan and the review is removed.

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