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Brand information not verified. Not a Kazan Business account. Business Page


Brand information not verified. Not a Kazan Business account. Business Page


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Reviewed 6 months ago

Disappointing and time wasting

After taking my money, blocked my car in my garage for 3 weeks with scaffold (was only supposed to be a couple of days) , come back over a few weeks to rectify problems, stupidity on my part over the last few weeks been emailing them (had one response to say someone will be in touch) I’ve called many times and since but nothing, I was only using them as needed a couple of extra windows for a extension and wanted to make sure they match the existing, we built the extension quicker than any response from them, they are expensive but sure you could get same quality elsewhere cheaper, AVOID

The problem has been resolved through Kazan and the review is removed.

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Latest Reviews
Great models

V. happy with my molecular models. Nice people and v. helpful. thx

Keep away

Worst company I’ve ever dealt with spent £280,000 and when they’ve got your money your just a number. Aftercare service is shocking. Quality of build is shocking and they also do not comply with the deeds of covenant. Keep away 💯


"NO INSULATION IN THE NEW BUILT CAVITIES" For 2 years now we have been rectifying an endless list of defective works left behind on a project that Stefan Vasile had abandoned after taking all of our money, went into hiding subsequently claiming he was owed further sums of money and then telling us to go and do what you like. We have since learnt that he has been doing this to customers on a regular basis for a number of years. We have also learnt that a number of customers posting negative reviews have had their properties damaged. Prospective new customers will not get to find all of this out as reviews with such details are swiftly requested by Stefan to be taken down. We cannot see an end to the poor quality of works that Stefan and his team had done. New defects are emerging all of the time; today we came to realise he had not insulated the cavity walls of the new built structures, whilst having some electrical works corrected the electrician removed a back plate from a light switch from one of the new built walls only to discover that the cavity wall was empty and has No Insulation. Previously when having the roof works redone again as the roofs Stefan had done started to leak within weeks, we found the roofs were not insulated either. We found no conduits used anywhere in the wiring of the whole property, all wiring buried naked in the walls and in the concrete floors all of this being major Building Regulation Breaches. Central heating and under floor heating not working, host of plumbing problems, major electrical problems with incomplete electrical works. Leaking guttering done so poorly by some illegal sub contractors. Brick work of the new built done so poorly with incorrect mortar mix. Electrical wiring done by a novice picked up off the street telling us he's under training. The defects are endless TOO MANY to mention. Looking back at it now we have come to a conclusion that this builder Stefan is only after your money and he has no regard to the customer's satisfaction or whether the works are done properly or not. If the new built cavities and roofs are not being insulated as Stefan wants to pocket the money what does that tells us about this builder. You are being warned to keep away from this company. Peter

Great team of lads

Sorted an ongoing issue due to previous works from another local company. Highly recommended and professional team. 💃🕺

Thanks to everyone that helped on my job!

These guys are great, they came in and removed 110 square metres of tile flooring from my property which had a cement bedding. They then also did the concrete grinding for us, they were very knowledgeable and professional throughout the whole process and they offered a near dust-free tile removal and dust-free concrete grinding job so I'm happy. got a good price too. Nothing bad to say, really friendly phone service also.

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