My EDSS Customer Experience

Stefan Vasile Completed a large extension for me nearly two years ago. The majority of his work was substandard. I had no choice but to manage his team myself as he rarely attended the site and he had all my money so couldn't end our contract. We've already had him pay for the roof to be redone, he paid half as he disagreed there was anything wrong with the work. We are currently taking legal action as there is no spreader plate under a steel beam and the joist under a bath are incorrect and need reinforcing. Most of his reviews are bogus and I would certainly avoid this contractor. In the beginning he is a friendly man, once started he'll perform poorly and slowly. When challenged on his errors he was verbally aggressive. I was constantly managing his aggressive behaviour once being pulled up on his mistakes. Major mistakes like using a 15cm wide joist in a roof instead or a 25cm joist. His errors are only just beginning to show. We are taking legal action. Until now we've decided not to write public reviews about Stefan and his company. However there were so many problems with his work and he doesn't care that he has left us with a structurally unsound property. He requested I appoint a surveyor. This I did. Once the surveyor's report suggested negligent building work he then refused to listen and offer anything towards my £7500 costs to correct the work. I'm a reasonable guy so requested a £4,000 payment towards the £7500 corrective bill. He's refused my generosity! Sadly this will now cost him in legal fees and expenses. Sad he can't even accept whats he has. A James