We hired Simvik Ltd (now also trading as EDSS Construction Ltd) to renovate our house a couple of years ago. After taking all of the money Stefan abandoned the project some 80% into it. After chasing him for months he subsequently claimed he was owed further suns of money, which wasn't the case. He then told us ' go and do what you like'. The works he did do were of such bad quality that we had to hire another contractor to rectify all of his short cutting and sub standard workmanship. He was only ever interested in taking our money and did not manage his team the way it needed to be as they had taken short cuts everywhere in the project. We would never recommend this guy to anyone, he makes a lot of promises but unfortunately does not follow through with them. Looking into his past we subsequently learn that he has a history of doing poor quality works, abandoning projects and telling the customers to get lost go and do what they like. John Barnes