Email Sent to Simvik Ltd (EDSS)

Dear Simvik Ltd (EDSS), just to remind you that majority of your work is substandard and its fair to say that you know that's to be the case as well. Its also right to say you're only interested in taking as much money as you can from your customers. Most of your reviews are bogus, infact you yourself write most of them. In the beginning you're a friendly man, once started and you've taken one third of the money upfront you turn into another character. When challenged on your errors you become verbally aggressive. By the time your errors begin to appear you down your tools and have long gone and then subsequently claim you're owed further sums of money. This is a regular and not an isolated occurance. You make every effort to have genuine customer reviews taken down to avoid the public knowing the real building services that you provide. Your works have so many problems and you don't even care about that even if you leave your customers with structurally unsound properties. You won't even accept the faulty works and the short cuttings you do! You won't even accept surveyor's reports suggesting your negligent building works, surveyor's that you yourself had instructed because of your customers dissatisfaction with the works. How long can you carry on doing all of this?