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Reviewed 3 months ago

Misleading Claims Re COVID-19 Testing

Main Areas Of Concern Rightangled Ltd have made contradictory claims regarding which test they are using. In some parts of their website they claim it is GENESIG by Primerdesign and in others their own assay. What test are they using? Rightangled did not follow gov guidelines re safe transport of COVID-19 samples (should have been same day courier) despite claims of doing so. They instead arranged for test samples to be forwarded to the lab via 2nd class Royal Mail post, no temperature regulation and yet were apparently still viable for testing after 5 days in transport (RM tracking can prove). A lab report was requested by the consumer but never supplied. PayPal awarded a full refund for the test (which Rightangled Ltd had refused) due to Rightangled not being able to demonstrate a service had taken place.

The problem has been resolved through Kazan and the review is removed.

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