DO NOT USE THEIR FIT TO TRAVEL TEST KIT. I sent in my covid test sample exactly 72 hours before my flight (the maximum time the airline would allow) and MY RESULTS DID NOT COME IN TIME AND I HAD TO PAY FOR ANOTHER RUSH SERVICE WITH A DIFFERENT COMPANY. RIGHTANGLED COULDN'T EVEN TELL ME IF THEY HAD MY SAMPLE WHEN I FOLLOWED UP. I almost missed my flight home. Their customer service reps refused to refund me or compensate me for the additional 50 GBP I had to pay for a Boots rapid test. They gave me the runaround saying that it may be 24-48 hours to provide results after receiving the sample and up to 72 hours for them to receive the sample. THEY DID NOT PROVIDE A PRIORITY RETURN ENVELOPE. Most airlines need the test taken 72 hours before the departure time. So they're saying they reserve the right to have up to 120 hours to give you your test results, which does not work if you are flying. Rightangled has no business advertising themselves as a legitimate "fit to fly/travel" covid testing service. FRADULENT ADVERTISING.