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3 weeks ago

Kucoin is unreliable

Hi 3 Months ago, I understood that my email was hacked and hackers changed my account password via messaging through my email to kucoin team. I immediately contacted kucoin support team and changed my registered email and changed my password.unfortunately ,it took a long time (more than one month!!!and sending a lot of documents and videos and frequent and daily contact to kucoin support team)to let me to have access to my account.After opening my account I saw that it is empty!!!!Although I had trading password and nobody knew that!!(except me ) . I saw in account history,that they withdraw more than23 Etherium in one transaction!!!this is not security bug or security fault,this is security foramen or security gate??!!!Hackers invaded my account and withdrew my asset rapidly through this system and it took more than one month to me to have access to my account?!!such a beautiful and strong security !!and I didn’t get any convincing answer! I didn’t saw any responsiveness and commitment in this system! I ‘m a surgeon and this was all of my earning during these Corona virus era!!! It’s obvious that only kucoin team had access to my trading password and I didn’t wrote it anywhere or I didn’t click anylink!!! This is obviously their system fault and they should return my coins , otherwise they are not trustworthy !
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