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Reviewed 1 week ago

Accessed my bank 3 times via my bank card for 1 monthly t and blocked my money

J3debt accessed my bank for their normal monthly payment using my bank card details!! They made an error so the money remained pending in my account for days , they then tried a 2nd attempt as they stated this was a computer glitch with visa, this meant I now had 2 pending payments taken from my account so they had in actual fact took my money they were not entitled to at this point and blocked this from me. It didn't end there on trying to resolve it the ear mark was removed from one of the payments only for them.to take a 3rd payment. So my own funds are blocked now but they have their payment . I am disgusted as my o bank cannot put the money back into my account without j3debt writing and telling them.to remove the ear mark. So i am sitting in financial.hardship because of a debt company that is meant to resolve anxieties and fix debt problems!!! Because my own funds are trapped in pending transactions and they couldn't care less because they have their money. Beware not to allow them to have your bank card details to access your bank whenever they like. It's truly appalling to cause more stress and anxiety to a family who were already struggling

The problem has been resolved through Kazan and the review is removed.

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