Go365.io a scam company

Go365.io is a SCAM company. Do not ever use them - in the end you will lose all your money, guaranteed. If you are an existing customer, please heed my advice and withdraw everything while you still can. They are not only unregulated and unlicensed but also totally unscrupulous thieves. Refer to: https://www.leaprate.com/financial-services/rules-and-regulation/go365-io-swiss-capital-fm-and-others-added-to-fca-warning-list/ Don’t trust their trading platform - they have access to it and manipulate the figures to make sure you lose everything, scam, scam, scam !!!!! After you lose everything they will push you to deposit more so they can ‘recover' the losses. And then the story will repeat again. Once they can’t get any more money out of you they stop all communication and will not reply to any messages. Especially be aware of Thomas Klein and Martin Peters - the most skilled go365.io fraudsters. Conclusion: never ever deal with them, full stop.