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4 weeks ago

Do not want to return my winnings

Faced a very unpleasant situation with the bookmaker betdax. The situation is deadlocked because I am constantly being ignored. They also do not want to comply with their own rules and conditions, which are indicated in them on the site. I bet exclusively on the NBA. Verification before the deposit went through without problems. I made 2 deposits of 900 pounds, now I have 2560 pounds in my account, which I cannot withdraw. Although my account is fully verified. I am attaching a screenshot. I completely lost my first deposit, everything was fine, there were no problems and I didn’t have to go to the notary. I made a second deposit without any problems and was able to win. I decided to withdraw money and then the problems began. I immediately needed additional documents, although after the first deposit, which I completely lost, everything was fine. I immediately provided all the necessary additional documents. Here is the list of documents I provided: passport, passport selfie, utility bill, driver's license, PayPal statement, bank statement. In my opinion, this is more than enough to confirm my identity. Now Bendax is demanding unacceptable items to get my money back. Now they demand that I go to a notary and certify the documents. They also want me to notarize the utility bill and bank card. But I have never made a deposit with a bank card. And according to their rules for the UK player, they had to ask for everything needed before the first deposit (according to their terms and conditions, as shown in the screenshot). This is also what the gambling commission requires, which they are subject to. I'm not going to waste my time and money on their whims. I have repeatedly explained that I am a player from the UK. For players from Malta and for players from the United Kingdom, the rules of betduks clearly state everything that is required by the regulations, according to their rules and the Gambling Commission, they must require all the necessary documentation before making a deposit. betdix directly interferes with the withdrawal of money. Which directly violates the rules of the gambling commission and its own. I'm adding an excerpt from their rules for UK players (subject to their terms and conditions, as shown in the screenshot). I just want my money back. I also don't want to follow instructions that are contrary to the terms of the Gambling Commission and their own. I have been trying to resolve this issue directly with Betdax for 3 months now. But, unfortunately, I am often ignored. Therefore, I ask for your help.
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